transformational church survey

If you are a member or active attender of Swift Creek Baptist Church, we invite you to participate in a church health survey, in keeping with our Transformational Church emphasis. Click on this link to begin the survey.

Please go to FIRST TIME USER on the right, and enter the church passcode (refer to your bulletin or email for this code, or contact the church office). Then click on the REGISTER button and fill out the information requested. The login and password are simply to return to the survey later if not finished. Your information is completely anonymous. Regarding questions about our leaders, answer based on your perception of a majority of our pastoral and lay leaders. 


The cutoff date for this survey is December 4; it takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Our Pastors and Church Health Team will review the survey results. In light of what we have learned from our Transformational Church sermons, book, and other resources, we will prayerfully make recommendations to the church to improve areas of weakness, and celebrate our strengths.


Your participation will ensure that the Pastors and Church Health Team have the most complete information regarding our church's health. 

Thank you for participating!